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I say 'Formerly' only because, since the beginning of2013, business volume has dropped off to the point where it's no longerviable for me to run Blue Feather as an 'official' business (as inregular hours, merchant credit card account, formal advertising, etc.)

HOWEVER -- I'm still here, and I'm still happy tohelp out if you need support, repair or modifications for 'legacy'radio hardware, mil spec connectors, and general electronic tomfoolery.


Microsoft's (spam) mail service... Blocked at our end.

Due to a seemingly never-ending flood ofphishing and other spam from MS's much-hyped '' mailservice, and Microsoft's apparent self-delusion that no such trashcould possibly come from their servers (and their subsequent refusal totake any countermeasures whatsoever), I've found it necessary toconfigure our mail system to refuse all traffic from the ''domain. If you're trying to reach me from any address ending in',' it will bounce.

The only available workaround at thistime is to try sending your message from a different web mail service(Gmail works just fine).

The Blue Feather Tech FTP Archive has relaunched (finally!)

Itwas a lot of work, but I finally got the thing to where I'm happy withit. I've had to do some locking down to prevent abuse, but it's good togo as of 6-May-19!

Access to the site is FREE to anyone who asks. However, you need to Email mefor the current password. Accessing the site will require a file management clientcapable of FTPS with Explicit TLS/SSL protocols. Such clients arereadily and freely available, in the form of WinSCP or Mozilla's FileZilla.

OnceI've given you access, please feel free to share the current passwordwith anyone else you think may need it AS LONG AS it's done via PRIVATEmessaging (Email, private chat, etc.) Please do NOT post the passwordto any public forum or on publicly-readable social (antisocial?) media.

Thanks much!

What I can (still) Do...

Easy answer: See the grid below. Pick an item. Click on it. Explore. Relax. Work on your tan. ;-)


Device (Chip) Programming

(Memory, PLD, and Microcontroller devices)

RF Services

(Motorolaradio programming, Commercial-to-Amateur Conversions, Parts,Accessories, Modifications, Alignment, Checkout, and Repair).

Specialized ElectricalConnectors

(Mil-spec components for either new or surplus aerospace andmilitary hardware)


My amateur (ham) radio page.

TheTraveling Technoid

(Yes, I still travel a few times a year...)



Looking for my listings of electronics swap meets and surplus stores? Click the link, and you're there! 


Services are rendered at the rate of $50.00 per hour, with a half-hour ($25) minimum.

Payment-wise, I can accept all theusuals: Cash, Check, Money Order, PayPal, Credit/Debit cards (processedas credit through


This site best viewed with whatever browseryou prefer. Seriously. Anything from Lynx to Firefox, and everything inbetween, should work. There's no cookies, no bugs, and no surveillanceoutside of the usual log file any web server generates.


BruceLane, Owner

Last update: 24-Aug-14

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